HCIS: 10 Tips on getting your CV passed through ATS

HCIS: 10 Tips on getting your CV passed through ATS

HCIS: 10 Tips on getting your CV passed through ATS 1000 667 HCIS

Now that you know what an ATS system stands for and how does it work, follow the tips below and increase your chances of having your CV seen by human eyes.

  1. Avoid headers in your resume. Headers and footers jam the algorithms.
  2. Mirror wording from the actual Job Description. Yes, it means that you must use and incorporate in your CV several of the key words or phrases entailed in the Job Description for the ATS system to score higher your CV. So while you do not want a word-for-word match of the Job Profile or the Job Description, if a Hotel Manager description calls for someone with extensive experience in 5* Hotels or branded hotel experience, make sure your resume contains those keywords.
  3. Nail your keywords. There is specific language and keywords for every profession. Whether is specific skills, certifications, licenses, responsibilities etc., there are words that matter in your line of profession and need to be included in your resume. For example, if you are an HR professional with certification or membership in CIPD, SHRM make sure you include the same in your CV. If you are an accountant with experience on ERP systems, equally ensure the same. Same for specific software if you are an IT Specialist or PMP if you are an Engineer and so forth.
  4. Repeat important keywords related to your skills two or even three times depending on the length of your resume but ensure that you don’t simply stuff keywords for the shake of simply stuffing them.
  5. Use bullets rather than paragraphs. Not only it makes it easier for any ATS system to navigate but it makes life easier at a later stage when an actual human will read.
  6. Avoid extremely creative wording and descriptions. Remember, screening software are programed to read facts and more importantly specific facts which in this case means specific keywords and phrases.
  7. Use the company website you are applying for in order to get an insight on keywords and phrases.
  8. Ensure that you include your full postal address as there are chances your CV will be curbed out without one.
  9. Do not use graphics, logos or tables in your CV as it may simply “choke” the software filtering process.
  10. Choose your font wisely. Avoid script fonts completely and ensure that your font size is not smaller than 11 point font.

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